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Keeping Hospital and Healthcare It Networks Safe During Covid-19

The current pandemic has created an environment where the best of humanity is on display and keeping hospital and healthcare IT networks safe during COVID-19 is a top priority. Doctors, nurses, and other essential personnel on the front lines have been working diligently to care for those in need while putting themselves at risk and sacrificing time with their own families. These efforts have been lauded by the public across the world!

Unfortunately, much in the same way that the best of humanity is being shown, the coronavirus outbreak has also created the opportunity for the worst of humanity to show through.

Criminals Are Using Technology to Cripple Healthcare Systems

The International Criminal Police Organization (known as Interpol) is warning hospitals and healthcare organizations of an increased attempt to hold them hostage through the use of ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that threatens to release a victim’s data or block access to networks until a ransom is paid to the perpetrator.

This all may sound like something we only see in the movies, but technological advances have made these attacks reality for many businesses in recent history. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations have been reallocating resources to deal with the crisis created by the coronavirus; which can leave their IT networks vulnerable to cyber criminals who are taking advantage of the situation.

Not All Digital Communication Should Be Treated Equally

It seems as though the facts surrounding COVID-19 and how it should be treated can change almost hourly. It is no wonder then that cyber criminals are designing emails and other forms of digital communication that mimic critical notifications from governmental authorities about how to handle the pandemic. Without the proper IT team in place, hospitals and healthcare organizations are just one click away from being shutdown at a time when they are needed most.

Fortunately, there are some moves hospitals and healthcare organizations can make to guard their networks against this increasing threat. Experienced managed Greenville IT service providers like Unified Network Group in South Carolina can put protections in place and monitor network systems to avoid the threat of cyber-attacks.

A professional and dependable IT service provider like Unified Network Group can not only keep your systems up and running, but will also save you time by managing all necessary reporting requested by authorities to help keep others safe as well. To receive a free network and security assessment for your hospital or healthcare organization, call Unified Network Group at 864-278-0202 or use our online contact form.

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