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Is Hosted Email Right for My Company?

Are you tired of your emails not being delivered? Have you heard complaints from customers who aren’t able to send email to you for some reason? This could be because of how your email server is currently setup. If you’re on a shared email server, you could be sharing server space with other individuals who may actually be tainting the reputation of your company’s email without you even knowing it. There’s one way to get away from this issue and that is investing in hosted email through a provider like Unified Network Group. We’re proud to be Microsoft partners and recommend Office 365 as a cloud based hosted email solution for all of our clients. Feel free to read on to learn more about the versatility of a cloud based email solution like Office 365.

Benefits of Hosted Email

There are countless benefits to turning to a cloud based provider like Office 365 for your email. A few of these benefits include:

  • More Secure – Hosted email solutions like Office 365 have robust security measures built in. This means that more spam emails are flagged so that you can focus on growing your business, not dealing with constant email issues.
  • No Hardware Expense – If you have an in-house email server, you likely understand the expense of managing an email server. You have to keep up with operating system upgrades, software patches, security updates and much more. This is all just to ensure your server is running correctly. This has nothing to do with the mountains of tasks that it takes to keep an email server running. With a hosted solution, you hand over all of these headaches to a team at Microsoft that operates a robust set of email servers that are hosted in the cloud.
  • Protect Your Data – Have you ever lost email due to a hardware failure? Cloud providers have multiple backups of email in most situations so if you were to lose certain emails, you could likely restore them.
  • Mobile Synchronization – With hosted email, your email messages as well as your contacts and calendar information will all sync seamlessly with your mobile phone. This will ensure you never miss another appointment again!
Interested in Learning More About Hosted Email From Unified Network Group?

If you’re interested in learning more about Office 365 and how hosted email could be beneficial to your company, don’t hesitate to email or give the Unified Network Group a call today at 864-278-0202.