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How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Managed It Services

Many small businesses are simply not large enough to have their own IT departments. This can pose quite a challenge, especially with technology constantly changing and new cyber threats popping up every single day. Thankfully small businesses can work with managed IT service providers like Unified Network Group which can give them access to a team of IT professionals whenever they are needed. At Unified Network Group, we work with countless business owners in the Charleston, Greenville and Spartanburg areas and would love to add you to our client list.

Primary Benefits of Working with a Managed IT Provider

Below are just a few of the key reasons why it makes sense for a small business to work with a managed IT provider:

Great for Budgeting

When you don’t have an in-house IT team it can be difficult to know when you should allocate resources to hardware, software and other IT needs. A managed IT provider can help you to identify these needs and budget for them throughout the year. This way you can allocate a certain amount of resources to this area of your business each month so there’s never any surprises.

Team of Experts at Your Disposal

At Unified Network Group, we really want you to think of our team as a part of your organization. We want to be so integrated with your organization that you’ll sometimes be amazed at how in sync we are with the daily interactions of your business. Our IT experts help to identify technology trends that can minimize downtime and boost profitability without sacrificing any security concerns.

Up to Date Technology

How many of your employees are using outdated equipment that could be vulnerable to cyberattacks or just so slow that productivity is impacted. As your managed IT provider, we can help to ensure you’re investing in IT infrastructure when you need it the most.

Improved Security & Data Protection

Cyber security is all the rage these days. Without an IT expert to turn to, how can you know your organization is protected from the latest online threats? Does your organization have data recovery procedures in place should one or more of your systems be compromised? If not, you likely should invest in a managed IT provider who can lay out a cyber security and data recovery plan to ensure your organization, your employees as well as your customers are always protected.

Partner With Unified Network Group for all Your Managed IT Needs

As you can see, working with a managed IT provider can pay huge dividends for any small business. To learn more about our suite of IT services, feel free to reach out to your Greenville managed IT service provider, Unified Network Group today by email or phone at 864-278-0202.