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Data Security for Remote Workers

With COVID-19 on the forefront of every employer’s mind, remote work is undoubtedly on the rise. In fact, with most states under some type of mandatory stay at home order, employers are having to scramble to ensure their employees are able to work from home. If you’re in this position, it’s important that you do not sacrifice data security as you ramp up a remote work environment for you and your employees. At Unified Network Group, we’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks helping many small to midsize businesses in the Upstate prepare for these unprecedented times. We thought it would be beneficial to offer a few tips to help you focus on data security, even in the midst of COVID-19.

Secure Mobile Devices

Depending on your company’s stance related to mobile devices, it’s important that you have data security measures in place at all times. Some companies may adopt a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy for mobile devices and if this is the case, it’s extremely important that security measures be put in place to protect valuable company data from malware, lost devices and other ways that outsiders may gain access to company information.

Practice Effective Document Management

Not only is data security related to data that resides on company machines, but it also involves physical documents that may be used by your employees. When employees are working from home, keeping track of these physical documents and how they’re disposed of becomes increasingly important. Be sure that you have data management procedures in place for digital and physical data and documents.

Investigate Remote Employee Monitoring 

There are a number of software tools that can allow you to monitor employee behavior on company devices. These tools help employers to track employee hours, projects and other activities. Having these tools in place can help to boost employee productivity when working remotely.

Ensure Data is Encrypted

Data encryption is critical when employees are accessing and transmitting information from remote locations. It’s critical that all data be encrypted both at rest, as well as in transit so that your company’s important information is always secure. Data encryption can be achieved with both software and hardware, and your managed IT provider can help you navigate the various offerings that may work for your company.

Still Have Questions About Data Security for Remote Workers? 

If you’re still unclear about the importance of data security for your remote staff, feel free to reach out to the Unified Network Group team today. We’ll be happy to help you and your staff adapt to the changing economic climate to give your business the best chance of success during this pandemic and beyond. To learn more, don’t hesitate to give us a call today at 864.278.0202.

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