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Cloudflare Introduces for Families

With families home more than ever due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Cloudflare has introduced a free tool that should make surfing the net much safer in your home. At Unified Network Group, we’re constantly following news from top companies like Cloudflare and are amazed at some of the ways these companies are adapting during these unprecedented times. In this blog we’ll introduce you to for Families and show you how it can help you and your family surf the net safer and more securely.

What is for Families?

Cloudflare’s for Families is a DNS resolver that’s completely free to use and helps to filter out bad sites and malware when you and your family are browsing the internet. Cloudflare has received countless requests over the past few years, mostly from home users who were looking for a way to offer protection from security threats as well as adult content. for Families serves that need.

With for Families, home users can be protected from malware and adult content. Cloudflare has been on the forefront of online privacy and security and is offering this DNS resolver for free to be used from home anywhere across the globe.

Two Options: (Filters out Malware) or (Filters out Malware and Adult Content)

Setting up for Families is extremely easy and just requires you to change two numbers in the settings interface of your home router: your primary and secondary DNS servers. If you need help with changing your DNS servers, Cloudflare offers an installation guide that should be helpful.

This tool offers two options: one that blocks just malware and one that blocks both malware as well as adult content. You’ll choose which one you’d like to use based on the IP addresses listed below:

DNS Servers for Malware Blocking Only

Primary DNS Server:

Secondary DNS Server:

DNS Servers for Malware and Adult Content Blocking

Primary DNS Server:

Secondary DNS Server:

Still Have Questions About for Families?

If you’re unsure how to adjust your DNS servers to use for Families or have additional questions about how this new service works, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Unified Network Group team today. We’re all in this together and are doing our best to help our clients stay as productive and safe while working and “teaching” from home! Give us a call or email today at 864-278-0202.