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What to Look for When Purchasing Antivirus Software

With COVID-19 on the brains of most everyone across the country, working from home has become almost a necessity. While working from home offers additional flexibility, it can also present a number of cybersecurity challenges. At Unified Network Group, we’ve worked with countless businesses in the Upstate helping them to get their work force ready for a remote work environment. One area that you may be considering is antivirus software. While there are a whole host of options, some free and some paid, it’s important to understand what features you need when it comes to shopping for antivirus software.


As is the case with most business expenses, cost is always a factor when choosing an antivirus solution. While there are free antivirus options on the market, most of them offer very limited features, which can often be infiltrated by seasoned hackers. In addition, some of these free programs also add additional software known as spyware or adware that can be used to collect data that will then be sold to third parties.

The good news when it comes to purchasing antivirus software is that it doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you work with a managed IT provider like Unified Network Group who has access to reduced license costs, especially for organizations who need multiple licenses for a large work force.

Multi-Device Support

Today’s businesses operate across a myriad of different devices. This includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, servers and much more. It’s critical that the antivirus software you use can protect all of these devices. Otherwise you’ll need to invest in multiple security platforms, which will become hard to manage and cost prohibitive.

Comprehensive Antivirus Protection

Any antivirus software that you purchase for your organization should protect you from a wide array of different online threats. This includes malicious downloads, phishing, malware, denial of service attacks and many other threats.

Top Notch Customer Support

At Unified Network Group, we’ve been in the IT industry for quite some time and one of our strengths is the vendor network that we’ve been able to build over these many years. We know how important customer support is to all of our clients, which is why when we work with outside vendors such as antivirus software providers, we fully vet them to ensure that they provide the highest level of customer service to not only our employees but yours as well.

Interested in Learning More About Which Antivirus Software to Purchase?

If you’d like some additional guidance surrounding what type of antivirus software is right for your company, don’t hesitate to reach out to Unified Network Group today by phone at 864-278-0202 or through our online contact form today.

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